With a New Year Come New Resolutions and Goals

New Year 2017
A new year is always a time for reflection, a time when we set new goals for ourselves and when we meditate on ways to improve; from being more organized, losing weight, to being more present on a day to day basis, New Year is one of,  if not the, most popular time to set new goals. This year I have decided to set a vision of what I want to accomplish, this in union with my goals will allow me to have a better grasp of what I need to do and what I want my end result to look like. Unlike previous years in 2017 I didn't set goals beginning on January 1st, I have taken my time to know what it is I really want and this has created my vision of what I want things to be like in my life. In other words, my vision has been an image of the end result and this little transition in my thinking has started me off on the right path. One of my biggest frustrations the past year was with organization and discipline. As a single mom; working outside of the home, having my Avon business to run, taking care of the home, helping my son in his studies and being a mom,  as well as keeping everything in order was at times exhausting. The clothes would start piling up on the coach and the chairs leaving no room to sit on by the end of the week, the constant flow of dirty dishes that never seem to end, the laundry and those pesky missing pair of socks, not to mention the cleaning schedule, and last but not least the organizing of constant and incessant documents (school paperwork, mail, etc) and the influx of stuff that was brought inside the home. This created a need for a different organizing and cleaning method which has become one of my goals for 2017; my vision is to have a home with less stuff and more time for family, my goal is to have 20% to 50% less stuff than I do now within 1 month from today. This is my most important goal for the year because I genuinely believe it will create more peace both internally and in the space we live in. I know one of my biggest challenges will be to find a balance between organization and chaos at home. The chaos of a busy working mom combined with the balance of an organized home makes for a peaceful state of mind and I am more than ready to achieve that. I don't strive for perfection but balance. I can not wait to tackle the most challenging tasks and then the little ones will be a lot easier to accomplish.

  • Vision - a vision is a mental image of what you want the end result to be
  • Goal - what you want to achieve

I also have a few other goals that I have this year ranging from difficult to easy. One includes setting my reading goal for 2017. I have gotten over the cringe I feel at knowing I didn't complete my 2016 reading goal (Sigh).  I have always been one to plan my goals on paper and this year I have decided to buy a Blue Sky Planner, I got the big size (8.5" x 11") considering that for 2016 I had a smaller sized planner (5.5" x 8.5") and I was always in need of more space to write in! I learned my lesson. I do carry a small personal planner with me at all times and I love it for on the go notes! (See pictures below for more details)

Some of my 2017 Goals

  • Read 35 Books
  • Get rid of 20% to 50% of stuff at home
  • Write daily in a journal (even if it's one line)
  • Decrease my overall debt by a minimum of 30% 
  • Complete a 6 Week Fitness Challenge as a kick start
  • Set a daily/weekly schedule with flexibility to follow
  • Get to President's Club in my Avon Business

I have many things I want to accomplish this year and I am allowing a lot of flexibility to be able to accomplish them this year. Some of my 2017 goals listed above are quarterly goals I have set for myself. I have found that for some goals it is better to set them up as quarterly goals in order to achieve them faster, with a deadline in mind, and to give way for other more pressing goals.

I have included pictures of the current and previous planners I have used as well as the links of where I have purchased them myself.

I hope that this year will be the year that you will accomplish your goals. Please share your goals in the comments below and follow me to read more about my progress.

Avon Planner I am using for 2017
(I bought this a few years ago and I do not know if it still for sale.
The size is the same as a personal filofax)
Inside of my Avon Planner 2017 Calendar

I am using these inserts for my weekly spread 2017
I purchased the insert PDF file from EasyLifePlanner
(This is not an affiliate link)
These inserts came with the original Planner 

2017 Blue Sky Planner
(This is the planner I am currently using,
 I purchased this planner at Walgreens for $9.99)

A view of my Planner - Weekly 2017
I used two different planners in the year 2016: The bullet journal and an Uncalendar Calendar

Bullet Journal Reading Log 2016
Bullet Journal Weekly Log 2016
Uncalendar Calendar Half Size
(Not an affiliate link)

Uncalendar Calendar Monthly View

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