What to expect from this blog

I have been debating what I want this blog to be. As an Avon representative I wanted it to be a place where we can read about the new makeup trends, fashion trends, and a place where we can all join to see our favorite products and have an up-and-coming look at the new products coming up. But I also wanted it to be so much more. As an Avon representative but also a mom, and a woman; a woman who is also a single mom I want this blog to be much more than about the exterior beauty we all have, I want this blog to also be about our interior beauty. I want to be transparent and candid and talk about what's real in my life and hope that you will join in. I want to post pictures of the times I rock a killer cat eye but also talk about the times when all I get is a red eye because no matter how I tried I couldn't get the eyeliner perfect that day. I want to talk about the beautiful dress I bought but also that other dress that got stuck half ways when I tried putting it on after gaining a few pounds. I hope that you will join me in my adventures as I try to make a name for myself by selling Avon, find my balance as a single mom, and find myself as a woman. 

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